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World Coal - Smoke and Dust

星期三, 十一月 13, 2019

Read our latest article in World Coal where Derek Stuart, AMETEK Land's Global Product Manager - Power, Combustion and Environmental looks at the latest technologies available for monitoring particulate matter emissions from coal-fired boilers used for power generation and other industrial processes. 

World Coal - Smoke and DustAsh is an unavoidable product produced from the combustion of all coals. It is the noncombustible inorganic residue that remains when the organic material has been burned. Some ash is a residue of the original swamp in which the coal formed millions of years ago; the remainder consists of material which was introduced as the coal formed underground. Over 120 different minerals have been identified in coal ash but, in most cases, the main components are silica, clays, pyrites and carbonates.

Emissions of fly ash and other solid materials, referred to generically as particulate matter (PM), are damaging to the environment and cause health problems even for people living far from the source. For this reason, regulators such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the UK Environment Agency regulate emissions by establishing an emission limit value (ELV). That value is the amount of smoke or dust which can be emitted without incurring legal penalties.

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